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Harmonesse services cover everything from consulting on specific projects to facilitating sprints or training your whole team to service design themselves.


We'll lead your team to collaborate on innovative solutions for issues or objectives your organization needs to resolve. Consulting activities often include:

  • Current state service experience review
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Service design research with customers or citizens
  • Identifying future opportunities
  • Envisioning a future state end-to-end service experience
  • Role-playing and tabletop prototyping

You might want to consider our Consulting services if:

  • Your customers or employees are unsatisfied
  • You’re seeing a decline in sales and/or customer acquisition 
  • You’re looking for efficiencies
  • You want to explore opportunities and identify gaps in the market
  • You want to reduce risk for a new product or service launch
  • You want to validate your end-to-end experience with customers


Our collaborative high level workshop programs get your team exploring and applying methodologies as they:

  • Address a chosen business challenge
  • Invite all levels of your team to improve a neutral service

You might want to consider our Sprinting services if:

  • You want to roadtest Service Design with your team
  • You want to open your stakeholders' eyes to the benefits of Service Design
  • You need an unbiased, facilitated approach to solving an ongoing problem
  • You have limited availability with your whole team
  • You need to rapidly demonstrate outcomes or results
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We'll train your team to start service designing themselves - and support them on an ongoing basis. Training activities include:

  • Bespoke training and mentoring packages
  • Co-creating an internal innovation lab
  • Coaching and mentoring independent service designers and entrepreneurs
  • Speaking engagements

You might want to consider our Training services if:

  • You want to build an internal Innovation Lab or Service Design team.
  • Your organization is growing rapidly or continuously juggling multiple projects
  • Your team needs mentoring to build confidence in their Service Design skills and abilities
  • You want to integrate Service Design with other progressive methodologies such as Agile, Behavioural Insights, Creative Leadership, Lean or Organizational Transformation

Once we understand the issues you’re trying to solve and your team's appetite for innovation, we'll quickly help you decide which services you need. 


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What is Service Design?

Service Design is an established process that brings your team together to understand and inspire each other, and then to design and iterate solutions for all the elements of your service experience. 

It helps your customers, your team - and sometimes your partners - to share a purpose and be empowered to express needs, generate ideas and pursue the ones with the most energy and impact. But it’s not just ideas that emerge from this collaboration - cultural transformations happen when your teams collaborate. They empathize with each other and become a more tightly bonded, supportive team. 

When the most interesting concepts have been mapped out as a set of touch points and turned into prototypes, it’s time to test, test and test again. We’ll help your team lead this research, pressure-testing their prototypes with relevant audiences. With the ownership dynamic now spread across the group, everything gets thoroughly validated and eventually returns as fully-formed ideas supported by a proud and highly committed team.